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Lubrication Technology:

  **  Canadian distributor for BestLine energy efficient, lubrication products

Mobile (PTT) Radio and Electronics:

  ** Distributor for SIMOCO DMR, P25, Simulcast, and Paging Radio Systems

About CDP Technologies:
   *  BestLine Energy Efficient Lubricants
Helps individual and fleet owners reduce equipment operating/maintenance costs with patented energy reduction and reliability improvement lubrication additive products from Bestline for:  automobiles, truck/bus, rail, forestry, heavy construction, marine/fishing, military, stationary generator and aviation assets.
Consulting and design services for wireless telecom and navigation systems. 

Provides consulting engineering and technical services for land, marine vessel, air transportation management technologies and system integration including mobile radio, GPS, wireless  access, voice/data telecom, radar, video, satellite, fibre optics electronic equipment.


Micro Lubricant Technology (MLT), Engineered to Extend Lube & Drive Fluid Life

10% in Your Engine & Hydraulic Oils Reduces mechanical friction (17%), Reduces temperature  (25%) and Reduces wear (>47%)

  • Extreme Pressure Coating on Bearing Surfaces

  • 4x to 5x breakdown pressure of typical lubricant film

  • Extends Oil Drain Intervals 3x+

  •   Reduces Wear 50%+,

  • Reduces Energy Requirements with lower Fuel Consumption, Emissions, Vibration, Noise

  • Improves Reliability of Engine, Transmission & Hydraulic Systems

  •  Extends Time Between Overhauls

  • SAVES YOU Operating & Maintenance $$$

Your BestLine

Third generation, patented, independently tested, extreme pressure 
lubricants, fuel additives, penetrants from Bestline Research.

Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly

Product Applications


All mechanical equipment, tractors, lifts, tractor engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, power takeoff equipment & implements; combine-harvesters, anti-stick coating for dairy manure loader buckets 


Cars, motorcycles & recreation vehicles


Chain saws, self propelled cutting & loading equipment, trucks

Heavy Construction

Mine trucks and excavators, hydraulics and transmissions


Large, medium, small vessels; ferries; tug operators; water taxis; cargo and container vessels, anti-corrosion coating from salt spray


Mining excavators, trucks, rail, compressor equipment - open pit and underground

Power Generation

Heavy Duty Prime Power/Base Load Diesel generators, gas/steam turbines, hydro electric turbines, wind turbines


Diesel engine locomotives & fuel, wheel bearings, rail lubrication


Diesel and gasoline engines, transmissions, differentials, wheel bearings; anti-stick/anti-corrosion coating for truck/trailer exteriors and chassis protection,  dump trays, concrete mixers. 


General, commercial, air-transport, anticorrosion coating


Army transport trucks & construction equipment, armoured vehicles, Naval ships, Air Force planes, helicopters, UAV, light and heavy guns, non-jamming and anti-corrosion coating

A1+ gives you the #1 breakthrough in lubrication technology for all applications: Home, Agriculture, Automotive, Forestry, Heavy Construction, Marine, Mining, Power Generation, Railways, Trucking - a God-sent product for all transportation businesses for reducing operating and maintenance costs.

See attached data sheets for the lubrication products