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A1+ gives you the #1 breakthrough in lubrication technology for all applications: Home, Agriculture, Automotive, Forestry, Heavy Construction, Marine, Mining, Power Generation, Railways, Trucking - a God-sent product for all transportation businesses for reducing operating and maintenance costs

Anecdotes, experiences, and comments from customers who have used the products.


Rolf (North Vancouver) 1996 Hyundi Accent

I was getting some clicking noise from the engine maybe valve tappets.

I added a 16oz bottle BestLine Engine Treatment to the engine oil.

After about 3 days, the noise west away.


Jan (Vancouver) -2002 VW Jetta 1.8T with approximately 245,000 kms
 I was losing about a liter of coolant and burning about a liter of engine oil every 2 weeks in city driving

A month after adding a bottle (473ml) BestLine Engine Treatment to my Jetta oil. I have not needed to top it up. The engine seems to run much smoother. 

Adding approx 2 oz of BestLine Power Train to the coolant (as per bottle instructions) seems to have stopped the need to add coolant to the radiator. 

Adding BestLine gas conditioner (2oz/ 10 gallons or 60ml/40L) has improved my fuel consumption round town about 10%" 


FYI- Below is link to short video of 1947 CAT12 grader engine which ran without oil for 32min after 1 hour treatment with 2 gal (20%) Bestline diesel engine treatment.

Bestline engine treatment also helps protects your car engine the same way!!


This is the film that John Polster made at Tony’s in New York.  I think it is very good and it is all real.

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